hotrock is event intelligence

Disruptively Simple Event Intelligence

It began with a simple question: “What could our customers do with their IT event and performance data if cost and complexity were no longer a factor?” And with that, hotrock was born, created by the cloud management pioneers at Technology Spa. Technology Spa is on a mission to liberate event intelligence from technology infrastructure, making it both affordable and actionable.

hotrock is game changing; a leading-edge event intelligence platform that allows IT leaders to navigate data overload, cut through the silos and potentially reduce costs. With digital transformation and the digital customer experience a high priority on corporate agendas, next generation event management solutions such as hotrock can deliver meaningful business results in terms of ensuring applications and systems are continuously available and optimized for best performance.


  • Turns data into intelligence
  • Drives action and decision
  • Provides broader context


  • Breaks down event silos
  • Integrates cloud consoles
  • Correlates and liberates data


  • Offers incomparable ROI
  • Built on open source
  • Released to the community

It’s simple. It’s time to take control of your technology infrastructure and associated IT event and performance data. Take control of your future. hotrock was created by Technology Spa and released as open source. Join the open source movement and contact the experts to turn your event and performance data into event intelligence.


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